Telling everyone he’s in Oman

I received an email last Sunday, 20 March 2016 from an ex roommate, ex friend.  I was actually CCed in his email informing everyone that he tried to contact us but we’re not responding to his email.  Our VP told me to ignore their email so I just followed his order.  What I don’t get from his email is that the last sentence was telling everyone that he is in Oman.  We’ll I really don’t know but I don’t see any sense of telling everyone that he’s in Oman.  I mean, what the hell. Everyone can go to Oman.

I think that guy has a low self-esteem. I think it’s due to that fact that he’s unloved when he was growing up.  He believes that telling everyone that he is travelling gives him admiration from people who does not give a fuck about him.

I’m sorry but emailing everyone does not change anything.  He’s still a lonely soul, hoping and praying that people will notice him.


Sneaky former colleague

Last Monday, 14 March 2016, my colleague F received a notification from a Mobile App that we paid for last year.  He opened the notification and he was shocked when it already contained another company’s logo.  He opened his access and was again horrified to find out that it was our access.  The app now contained a welcome note from our former colleague, welcoming everyone to the app.  I told F not to make a big deal out of it. I asked him to contact the developer from Canada to confirm.  Early morning on Tuesday, it was confirmed that it was indeed our access.  Apparently, our ex colleague has sent them an email that the app will now be used by them.  F right away send an email, instructing the developer to close all the access that my ex colleague has.  Wednesday afternoon, my ex colleague and his team panicked because they could not access our App.  They tried to call me but I ignored their calls.  F was on a half-day leave and was away full day on Thursday.  They tried calling him and me but we ignored their calls.

My take on the situation:

It is easy to call us and tell us that since we are not using the App, they will use it instead.  However, they have the audacity to claim the App that our company has paid for.  There is a thing called civility and respect.  However, they did not show it to us.  When their sneaky scheme was found out, our ex colleague made a lot of excuses, yes, they are excuses just so he can get away from the situation.  F told our VP he does not know what to believe anymore.  I told F that kalas, we don’t want anything to do with our former colleague who don’t want to support us.  He want us to fail not succeed.  I think he has his own agenda.

Goodbye, Anwar. RIP my friend.

A guy dropped by today at around lunch time to inform us that Mr. Anwar Khan has died of heart attack last Friday.  Anwar left the Kingdom after working here for over 20 years.  He was one of the few people I know who treated me like an equal.  He always has a smiling face and is very accommodating to everyone.  I joined the company at a very young age and to me, he’s like a father and a brother.

I called his son Amir to convey my condolences to him and the whole family.  I know that my words will not be able to take away the grief and loneliness the family must be feeling.  I was emotional when I called his son.  If Nauman did not interrupt me, I would have break down.  Anwar was one of the people who touched my life without even intending to.  I pray to God that he’ll give him a good rest. RIP my friend. You will surely be missed.

Maasalama Dubai

IMG_1436I checked out at my hotel at around 8:00 AM.  I did not eat breakfast there. I plan to eat my breakie at the Dubai Airport.  I called a taxi and I paid around AED.30 going to the Terminal 1.  Saudia was moved to Area No. 6 in the newly renovated Terminal 1.  The Palestinian guy at the Saudi Counter was a little bit rude.  He must have hated his job terribly.  I did not want to create any scene so I just waited until he’s ready to check me in.  I intentionally did not check in my luggage since I don’t want to spend too much time retrieving it at Dammam King Fahd Airport.  I was carrying a very heavy load of books, laptop and my clothing.  I did not mind it though since I enjoyed taking photos at the Terminal 1.

Dubai Airport is very impressive.  I wish that one day, Philippines will be able to build something as world class as Dubai’s.  What we have right now is a shitty Ninoy Aquino International Airport, the worst airport in the world.  I wish one day they’ll rename it back to Manila International Airport.

IMG_1439I ate breakie in a Thai Express Restaurant at the airport.  I specifically looked for a rice dish and it wasn’t bad.  It’s sautéed chicken with snake beans.  I asked the cashier not to put spices in it since I’m traveling.  I waited for my boarding but ate another Mickie D right before the boarding.

IMG_1440The boarding was done at around 10:45 AM.  There were very few passengers going to Dammam.  The travel took around 1.5 hours, half an hour longer than the planned trip.  I called Basit at around 11:30 AM and was out at the airport at 11:45 AM.  I arrived home at exactly 12:30 PM. I told Basit that I won’t be reporting back to work.

I didn’t do much the whole afternoon but slept.  Nicole called at around 6:30PM and we took out dinner at Pho Pinks, my second Thai meal for the day.

Training Day 4

I woke up at 7:30 AM and left my hotel room at 8:00 AM.  I still arrived at the Fairmont Hotel at around 8:17 AM.  Dubai Metro is very reliable.  It’s superfast, clean and efficient way of travelling.  I’m very proud for the people of Dubai because they have the Metro System.  I wish that they’ll also be a Metro in Al Khobar in the near future.  As usual, I was too early to I sat at the Fairmont’s lobby and accessed their Public Free Wi-fi.  I was able to catch up with my work while I was away.  There are emails that I can’t still address because I’m away from my desk.  There were a lot of calls but I can’t accept them since there is a roaming charges that I have to consider.

The activity for the last day of training are all practical.  Honestly they’re not rocket science.  What I am thankful for is that they’re not giving any test. That’s the first question I asked Ellen actually, whether there will be tests. She told me to keep calm since there’s none.  I really admire Ellen.  There was one participant from Al Nahdi whose name is Ahmed.  He’s very young and very knowledgeable.  I was thinking that he may fit well as our L&D Officer.  However, he’s already holding a managerial position. I don’t think he’ll like being downgraded if ever he’ll move to our company.

Watfa has not eaten lunch for 3 days in a row.  She’s fat to be honest but at least she knows her limitations. She’s not very bright but the Emeritization in their company has really helped her secure her position.  I just love that she has this ideas notebook.  She says that she tries to write as many ideas she can that she may implement in her company.

Lunch was great as usual. I did not touch any dessert.  It’s a shame but what can I do.  I need to control my blood sugar you know?

The post lunch activities are easy.  We did all the presentation required in designing AC/DC.  I did well when Sadeq asked me questions regarding on what are the activities that can predict future performance.  I told him that CBI, OPQ and all other activities such as role play, analysis presentation and Group activities.

I received my 4th CEB certificate after the program at around 4:30 PM.

IMG_1427I came back to Chowking in the evening to eat my dinner.  The Chowking Crew was so impressed by the guy working for the DNATA (that guy wearing that hideous teal jacket).  He kept on bothering the guy asking questions on how he could possibly work there.  I did not mind them and I just ate silently.

Training Day 3

IMG_1399I arrived at the Fairmont Hotel earlier but I sat at the lobby accessing their high speed Wi-Fi services.  It’s really different if you got your Wi-Fi from a 7-star hotel.  It’s very fast and you can’t ever complain about it.  Ellen and Sadeq thought I was late but I told them I was just downstairs accessing free Wi-Fi.

IMG_1398I can only remember lunch today. The buttered chicken meal was AMAZING.  It wasn’t spicy so I really enjoyed it.  I did not go for 2nd serving since I don’t want to be too bloated.  I promised myself that I won’t eat much but I just can’t help it.  Also this is to avoid going to the toilet often. Ellen told us to avoid looking at our phone and also going to the toilet frequently.  However, if you eat and drink too much, you’ll probably be going to the toilet back and forth.  Speaking of toilet, I really don’t know why Fairmont is controlling the water pressure in their toilets.  You see, if you try to flush something, chances are, the whole thing wouldn’t flush.  You’ll end up waiting 3 times before you finally be able to flush everything.  Other than the flush, I don’t have any problem with the Fairmont.

IMG_1396I went to KFC Al Karama for my dinner. I ordered it to go. I ate at my hotel room.  I did not enjoy it really.  KFC is just good while you’re thinking of ordering it.  When you get to eat the actual food, you’ll really feel that it’s greasy and is not even worth eating.  I don’t regret it but I was thinking I was better off eating Kamay Kainan or whatever that Filipino restaurant at Burj Juman was.

Well and yeah, I really have nothing to do so I thought of typing for a blog entry, after abandoning my blog for a very long time

Training Day 2

IMG_1418We’re full of activities for the whole day.  I did not mention that the lunch at the Fairmont was AMAZING.  I was really tempted to take photos of the food but I was too embarrassed to do that.  You see, there are things that you don’t do in sophisticated places.  I just want to blend in as much as possible.  And by the way, I really love it there.  The place is so full of Europeans, Americans, Russians and White South Africans.  Dubai is really a melting pot. I did see a couple of Indians and Southeast Asians but They’re all doing blue collar jobs.  I think in Dubai you have to be an Arab and White to be hired in work.  I was just wondering how would it feels to work in a multinational company in Dubai filled with westerners. I bet they are not as rude as our South Asian and Southeast Asian brothers.  Please don’t get me wrong, I am not racist. I’m just voicing my thought.

IMG_1419At the end of the day, I received my third CEB Certificate from Ellen.  I was so happy and proud of receiving it.  My company has invested something for me and I am happy that they gave me a go signal.

IMG_1429That evening I ate my dinner at Chowking Restaurant at Al Karama.  I was surprised that they’re now a semi-fine dining.  You have to order a la carte. I don’t mind it. I missed eating something from Chowking.  I even ordered dimsum to go.  I ate it at the hotel room.